American Indian College Fund

Educating Mind and Spirit

Liesl is a former member of the Board of Trustees for the American Indian College Fund, the nation’s premier Indian charity, fighting and scrapping to “Educate Mind and Spirit” throughout Indian Country. What do we mean by mind and spirit? First, access to a college education for populations least likely to ever have that opportunity. Tribal colleges and universities are on or very near reservations and serve everyone from single mothers to students who truly never thought college was possible. With education, life changes. Opportunities are created. People are able to thrive. This thriving is some of what we mean by spirit, but the concept is larger. Our institutions cherish native culture, language and traditions, study them, use them, preserve them. These are the gifts the students give to all of us, to the world. With her husband Jeff, they spearheaded the Computer Science Initiative in 2021, with the goal of having computer science professors at every tribal college and university. Computer science offers job opportunities as well as newfound abilities for tribes to create and own their own software for healthcare, farming, finance, and more.

Please read more at, or follow the Frequently Asked Questions link below. If we are not already on your list of deserving charities, we should be. Tours are available at colleges across the country. Testimonials abound on the website. And Liesl is happy to talk to anyone about the Fund, any time.

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